After YuYo’s purchase by Meta Mate in 2018, the brand made its move to Berlin, a city known by its modern and inclusive vibe for the new worldly trends. As mate is reaching out to a wider audience in Europe, the Azores Islands were the perfect place and time to reorganize and set up to continue to connect, through this amazing healthy drink, both the ethical cooperatives and growers in South America and the consumers who are willing also to contribute to protecting the sustainable way of caring for the wild forests.

This story, starts to have a really meaningful connection when, the founder of Meta Mate, Fabricio do Canto, reconnects with his Azorean roots and the history of his family in the production of tea that began in the late 19th century through the visionary José do Canto, pioneer in production tea industry on the islands.

Yuyo brings with it the vibrant personality of its founders, and as such, it could not help but be attracted to new adventures, this time gaining wings and leaving to establish a new production set right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

With an ambitious local production project on the island of São Miguel, in the Azores, and in partnership with the Gorreana Tea Plantations, for its packaging process, Yuyo is now exploring a new perspective on the sustainability and the fulfillment of forests preservation, imbued with the spirit of full connection to nature that is breathed in these islands and instilling to the brand, flavors and local inspiration for a new range of biological and natural products.

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